InterVarsity's Marketplace Institute is designed to help you translate your discipleship experience on campus into your work and career path. It is an opportunity to walk with other students figuring out how to live out your faith with integrity in your intended career. You’ll dive deep into Biblical theology of work and study Scripture in community. You’ll also be paired with a personal mentor in your intended field and have opportunities to learn from faithful followers of Jesus who are thinkers and leaders in their fields. This program takes place during the summer while you work in a job or internship. 

  • Meet with a mentor dedicated to your growth

  • See Scripture come alive in the context of your career field and workplace

  • Build community with peers learning to integrate faith, work, and life

  • Spend a weekend on a Justice Immersion: Explore connections between dignifying work and flourishing among vulnerable communities

  • Hear testimonies of God's work by seasoned career-builders



How much does the program cost?

The program cost will be a sliding scale based on how much you earn. It may be slightly different for each city based on program expenses, but it will be somewhere between one and two days wages. If you are making $10 an hour that is $80-$160. $15 an hour would be $120-$240. This will cover your books, supplies, retreats, and other program related expenses. If you are working an unpaid internship, there is a flat fee of $50. 

What are the dates?

Each city may have slightly different dates. The majority of the programs will begin in late June and go through the end of July. 

How often will we meet?

You can expect to begin the program with an orientation retreat, engage with local issues of justice over a weekend in the middle of the summer, and end the program with a day of debrief. Each week you will meet in a small group to study cripture and process your experience at work. Additional weekly content may be available online, or in another weekly gathering, depending on your particular program. 

What if there isn’t one in my city?

If there is no program in your city, consider asking your staff worker, or a local staff in the city where you will be to host a group. In 2017 we plan to lauch a virtual program where you may take advantage of online resources to lead your own group, or connect with others through online video conferences. 

Do I need to have a job/internship to participate?

Yes. One of the most imporant components of this program is that sudents are practicing what they learn while they work. If you are struggling to find a job, talk to the program director - they may be able to help you find something among their network of ministry partners. 

I just graduated, so I’m not a student anymore. Can I still participate?

Of course! This program is an excellent way to transition from your student life into your working life.